Kenic Medi-Tar Spray

Kenic Medi-Tar Spray

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KENIC Medi-Tar Dog Spray FOR DOGS ONLY Help your dog naturally. Kenic Medi-Tar Dog Spray contains a veterinary formulation of solubilized coal tar USP and natural aloe to soothe itchy skin or inflamed areas of the skin caused by hot spots, seborrhea and non specific dermatitis. Kenic Medi-Tar Dog Spray has a pleasant scent and can be used as often as needed. Pets like nice healthy skin. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. 

Grooming Tip: When using Kenic Medi-Tar Dog Spray, make sure the product reaches the skin. On some pets the hair may need to be parted. Use Kenic Medi-Tar Shampoo for a more thorough treatment all over.

KENIC Pet Care Products are made the way Mother Nature intended... natural and effective. All of our shampoos are soap and detergent free so they will not strip the coat and can be used with spot on flea treatments.

INGREDIENTS: contains deionized water, solubilized coal tar USP 2 percent, Aloe Vera, siloxene, apple extract combined with a proprietary blend of skin and coat conditioners. This product is alcohol free and contains no animal by-products.